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November 7, 2016
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Why You Need A Professional Cleaning Service To Clean Your Carpets

Why You Need A Professional Cleaning Service

Things that live in your dirty carpet.

1. Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic cousins of the spider. They are found wherever there are people and fibrous homes for them like upholstery and carpets. They live off human skin scales which by means of mould have been partially digested. The estimation is that each person drops about 1.5 million scales per day. So in short, your office is an ideal breeding ground for these little devils.

The best way to eradicate dust mites is by exposing them to temperatures near 105°C .  That’s why the most effective carpet cleaning method is the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method. The water is heated to temperatures above 110°C.

2. Bacteria & Viruses

They are everywhere and can be transported via touch or within healthy human bodies. So it should come as no surprise that a carpet which has not been cleaned using industry standard practices can and will harbour a whole host of bacteria and viruses.

Once again, the best way to get rid of these unwanted guests is through high temperatures and the use of strong cleaning chemicals such as is used in steam cleaning vacuum machines.

3. Pollen & Spores

Pollen and spores are very well known for the allergic reactions they cause in people. For some its as simple as a runny nose for others it can severely restrict their ability to breathe, cause rashes and cause ones eyes to itch and water.

In Africa we boast and incredible selection of flora and with this comes a very wide variety of pollen and spores which are so small that most of the time we don’t even know that we are moving them from one location to another, like into our offices. Regular carpet cleaning is required to ensure they are removed.


4. Mould

All mould needs is somewhere to land, humidity(moisture) , oxygen and something to consume. Carpets can be the ideal place for all of there factors to come together and harbour disgusting mould. Mould not only adds to the whole spore/allergy thing but also causes some gross smells and even discolouration in shades of black and green on the carpets.

Once again the answer lies with steam and specialised cleaning products. Luckily for you, we are dynamic services make use of exactly they type of equipment and chemicals one needs to take care of all the above mentioned nasties.


Why you need a professional to clean your carpets:

You may think that you could just hire a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself but you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by calling in a professional like dynamic cleaning services. There are of course more advantages that will come with hiring a professional:

1. Certified equipment and cleaning solutions –

Hiring a company like dynamic cleaning services will mean that only certified chemicals will be used and they will be in the right ratios as to not damage your carpet. Renting a machine could save you a buck but it won’t compare to the suction power of the industrial machines that the professionals use and more suction power means a deeper clean for your carpets. Stubborn stains and embedded dirt will be no more when Dynamic Cleaning Services is on the job. We can even use eco-friendly chemicals that won’t harm anything in the environment.

2. Industrial-strength vacuum power –

Only professionals know, well now you do too, that vacuuming a carpet before any cleaning is done is crucial for getting the best results. Dynamic Cleaning Services will suck up all the dirt, hair, dust, etc, with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

3. Improve the air quality in your home –

Even if you vacuum your home regularly, you will only remove surface dust and dirt and you will leave a lot of it embedded in the fibres of the carpet. We recommend that you should have your carpets cleaned at least once a year, more often for larger houses and areas with a lot of traffic. It is important to rid your carpet of the layers of dirt lurking in the areas that you cannot see.

4. Save you time –

Dynamic Cleaning Services will move your furniture, vacuum all the carpets as well as apply spot treatments to any stains. We will also apply a pre-treatment solution to the carpets and carry all the heavy equipment, saving you time and a possible injury.

5. Knowledge of different carpet types –

Say you have expensive Persian Rugs in your home and you don’t want to damage them, you need Dynamic Cleaning Services to professionally clean all your carpets because they know exactly how to clean specific types of carpets.

Call Dynamic Cleaning Services today for a solution that will suit your unique needs. We offer great service as well as expert advice relating to all things cleaning.



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